The Science Of Why We Fidget While We Work

This article by Jessica Hullinger found on Fast Company’s web site is so consistent with what we are finding in our educational environments about attention spans and why we fidget and use various items to help us focus.  Once again, science is revelatory about what is going on in the brain while we are working.
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A Parent’s Discipline Report Card (continued)

In my last post, I invited parents to consider the grades they might receive on a Discipline Report Card, starting with earning the first of several “C’s,” calmness.  

Diane Wagenhals, Program Director, Master Trainer, Curricula Writer, Researcher and Grandmother

Diane Wagenhals, Program Director, Master Trainer, Curricula Writer, Researcher, Mother and Grandmother

(If you prefer to read last week’s Part One post first, click here. )

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Improper Diagnoses and Brain Trauma in Denver’s Prison Systems

Have you read Lakeside Connect in the past? Then you probably realize how Lakeside’s programs are working in the context of some of the current neurological research to help our students regulate, focus, learn and achieve their personal and academic goals.  As we have worked with so many students in this context, we are finding some of them were improperly diagnosed, labeled incorrectly and so were not being given the care they need.

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Parental Involvement in Poorer Schools Can Make a Difference

Since Lakeside has four schools of its own and works with a number of school districts in our region, we can speak to the issue that schools struggle with parental involvement.  Sometimes school staff feel parents are involved a bit too much, but most of the time, they complain that parents are not involved at all.  Particularly in some areas of the country, this trend tends to be prominent and very difficult to change.

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A Discipline Report Card

In studying parenting for the last several decades, I was deeply impacted while attending a course at Temple University. It was on the subject of discipline, led by Dr. Mel Silberman. Author of the book, How to Discipline without Feeling Guilty, Dr. Silberman guides his students in understanding the role that assertiveness plays when parents are disciplining their children. According to Amazon, the book still remains in high demand.

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