Inspiring Non-Profit Leaders

I want to take a one-time break to acknowledge and reflect on two individuals who have had tremendous impact at Lakeside Educational Network.

Honoring unsung leaders: John Bell and Florence Greenwood

Lakeside School, Horsham, PA

Lakeside thanks John Bell and Floppi Greenwood for years of dedicated service to our Board of Directors

One of the most critical challenges in non-profit organizations is finding and retaining reliable and long-standing members for the Board of Directors, particularly leaders who both understand and support the organization’s mission.

As in most non-profits there have been many years of struggles as we have developed the programs of Lakeside Educational Network.  In my over 29 years there have been amazing highs and almost frightening lows.  Through it all I have had the privilege of working with leaders of quality character on our Board of Directors.

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Why So Many Kids Can’t Sit Still in School Today

In the past few years, we have seen a serious rise in the diagnosis of ADHD for children, according to the Center for Disease Control. This diagnosis in a student’s life forces educators to develop sensitized programs for them in order to help them succeed. Why has this diagnosis increased among our children? In light of my writing about the importance of movement and brain-based interventions in my recent posts, could it be that the lack of body movement could be part of the problem of increased ADHD?

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Helping Philadelphia School District become Trauma Informed

I have been writing about how Lakeside and other schools are changing their values and practices around brain-based interventions.  Frequently those interventions accommodate individuals who have suffered high levels of trauma, such as in urban locations.

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Read and Ride – Movement that Helps Students’ Attention Span

I have been writing about many interventions to help students regulate their brains to help them focus and improve their learning capacity.  I love how innovative thinkers are taking the combination of body movement and reading and coming up with a different style of classroom.

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Neurofeedback: Treatment for Learning Disorders

I have been discussing brain-based interventions. One that is currently being used is neurofeedback. What is this form of treatment? Let’s look at the description about neurofeedback from the Brain Resource Center.

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